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KENAWANG (HK) ELECTRONICS CO.,LIMITED Founded in 2005,Is the Leading Independent Electronic Components Distributor.Offering inventory of warrantied and traceable components at competitive prices.

As a professional independent dealers,we easily satisfy your need.
With millions of ICs, semiconductors, and memory chips etc,buys from original components manufacturers and their authorized distributors, as well as major OEMs, EMS for their excess inventory.

Other services:Professional high-price recycling contracting of electronic IC materials of national enterprise factories, various types of IC chips, integrated circuits, transistors, field transistors, capacitors, single-chip computers, modules, home appliances ICs, computer ICs, communication ICs, digital ICs, security ICs, military industries IC, K9F series, North-South bridge, mobile phone IC, computer peripheral IC, recycled memory chip, TV IC, ATMEL / PIC series single-chip microcomputer, SAA series, XC series, RT series, TDA series, TA series, mobile phone control IC, electronics Recycling, memory cards, fonts, Bluetooth chips, power amplifier ICs, electrolytic capacitors, tantalum capacitors, chip capacitors, crystals, transformers, LED light-emitting tubes, relays and other excess sluggish IC electronic components.

Send RFQ to us,we within 24 hours our sales team will contact you with a price saving you at least 28.5% than your normal suppliers.

Our mission is to offer to our customer the best quality service & products 
within the shortest lead-time.

Hoping we will have a chance to cooperate with you in the future.

The Quality Principle:
1、Quality is the best sales.

The Price Principle:
1、The price is competitive.

The Quality Policy:
1.The quality first.
2.customer supreme.
3.truth-seeking innovation.
4.360 days warranty date.

KENAWANG insists his Quality Policy "the quality first, customer supreme, truth-seeking innovation, excellence. KENAWANG has his international advanced electronic components testing labs in order to pursuit of "no defective" quality management system. The company requires purchasing and QC department must be accuracy, continuous innovation, never satisfied and provide "no defective" product and excellent service to customers. And KENAWANG always focuses on customers' need ,product quality and also continuously surpass customer satisfaction.